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Giant Handmade Kinder Egg
Giant Foot High Novelty Kinder Egg made from Belgian and White Chocolate and Filled with 6 Kinder Surprise/Hippo/Chocolates
Price: £14.99
Giant Ferrero Rocher
Giant 6 Inch Novelty Replica Ferrero Rocher with Belgian Chocolate, Hazelnuts and a Crisp and Nutella Centre.
Price: £10.99
Giant Reeses Cup
Giant 5 x 7' Novelty Replica Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. Chocolate Shell. Moist Chocolae cake and Peanut Butter Frosting Centre.
Price: £10.99
Giant Toffifee
Giant 7 x 4 Novelty Replica Toffifee, Caramel Case with a Hazelnut and Chocolate fondant centre with Chocolate top
Price: £10.99
Giant Rolo
Giant 7 x 5 Novelty Replica Rolo, Milk Chocolate Shell with a Gooey Caramel Centre
Price: £10.99
Giant Bourbon Biscuit
Giant Replica Biscuit Measuring 9 x 6 with a Chocolate Cream Centre
Price: £7.49
Giant Custard Cream
Giant Replica Biscuit Measuring approx 9 x 6 with a Vanilla Custard Filling
Price: £7.49
Giant Oreo
Giant Replica Biscuit Measuring 8 Inch Round with a Vanilla Cream Centre
Price: £7.49
Giant Jaffa Cake
Giant Replica Biscuit Measuring 8 Inch Round, Orange Centre, Dark Chocolate
Price: £7.49
Giant Party Ring
Giant Replica Biscuit Measuring 8 Inch Round with Icing Topping
Price: £7.49
Giant Jammy Dodger
Giant Replica Biscuit Measuring 8 Inch round with a Vanilla Cream and Strawberry Jam Centre
Price: £7.49

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